Small Group Training

Train with one or two other people, while working on your goals, individually. Feel the support of both your coach and your fellow trainees, at a lower price point than 1-on-1 personal training but at the same high levels of support and coaching that have made us successful with private clients year after year. Welcome to PERSONALIZED small group training.


Small Group Sizes (3 people max.)

This is not a boot camp or a typical group fitness program with 10, 20, 30+ people, and one instructor standing and shouting in the front of the room. You are working alongside one, maybe two, people, and the coach will be right beside you, throughout the whole session. Get the individual instruction you need and deserve, in order to achieve the goals that once seemed impossible to reach.  



Belong to a small tight-knit group and create community and camaraderie with your fellow Tokyoites.  Make great connections and create friendships you can lean on to persevere during the tough training sessions and to support you outside of the gym as well. Come be a part of something life-changing.



Personal training is a premium service, often times unaffordable or unsustainable for the majority of people, while group fitness is seen as the more budget-friendly option. Our program aims to blend the best of both worlds, by offering our premium personalized coaching at a more affordable price. Experienced everything our private clients receive, plus be a part of your own fitness tribe. Join now and get involved!